Hello there, I'm Michaela. A 21 year old student in Ireland studying Chemical science and medicinal chemistry at Dublin Institute of Technology.

I set up this blog with the desire to help people entering college or people who may already be in college and are looking for some inspiration.

The tips that I write about our things I found helpful to me as a student especially in my first year. College can seem like a scary place to most people some people worry about the work load others worry about making friends. We all have these first time fears its totally normal. I'm just trying to give some guidance to anyone who needs a bit of help.

I have a lot of varied interest so there might be some fashion or make-up related  posts but I will try to keep it focused on students.

I upload a new post every Monday and Friday.

If anyone is looking for advice or has a specific post they would like to see you can add me on instagram ... secretlife_of_an_irish_student or by email secretlifeOAIS@gmail.com

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