Wednesday, 23 August 2017

What's in my bag for college ?

Hi everyone,

First of all I want to say a big congratulations to everyone who got there leveling cert results last week. Sixth year for me was the most stressful year of my life as it is for most people so take comfort in knowing that it is behind you and everything from here on in should be easier. For those of you who did get offers on Monday woohoo go you !!! This post can help you to make  list of what you really need for college day to day life. 

It's that time of year again back to school haul's are everywhere. I don't know about you but they are my favourite posts to read or videos to watch on Youtube. I love buying stationary I am a little bit obsessed but this year I really tried not to over buy. Pretty much everything I did buy I will be bringing with me everyday so I decided to do a 'what's in my bag' post. After three years of college I finally know exactly what I need and hopefully this will help some people starting first year college to cut out what you don't need to buy.

The first thing your going to need is a folder to hold all the hand outs and notes you are going to get in class. I didn't bring a folder last year and ended up with missing notes or damaged notes. This is particularly annoying if I've dragged my lazy ass out of bed for class and still don't have the notes because I lost them. I recommend to bring a thin folder like the one above from TKMax which was 6.99 for a pack of six. When I get home I will put the notes in there proper folders depending on the class.

These are the assignment folders I will be using this semester. Last semester I actually used the one's from the first picture but basically my lecturer's kept the folders and that worked out kind of expensive so this year I found these ones for only 42 cent each in Sostrene Greene so even if some get taken or lost I won't mind as much. These are a great way of making sure the condition of your assignments are good when your handing them up and also that pages won't be lost.

I am in love with these notebooks from TKMax they look like Ted Baker copies. They were 5.99 each. I will be using these as lab notebooks so all my records are together. What's really cool about these is the calendar on the front page a space at the top of each page for you to put the date.

Now for the one piece of stationary you really need above all else. A simple refill pad. This is what I use to take all of my notes. Then I simply rip out the pages and put them in there class folder at home, I use one poly pocket per lecture so everything stays together. It saves you carrying loads of notebooks everyday and also I find it easier for studying to know where each lecture ended. Any refill pad will do just fine but I really like these ones from TKMax for 8.99. It saves the notebook from being damaged and you can remove and replace the refill pad when it runs out, plus the design is pretty. I just stuck some post it tabs on the inside as well.

A good diary can change your life and make college so much easier especially if it is your first semester in college because there is so much to remember. I have talked about diary's in previous posts so I won't now. This is a agenda which I got from TKMax for 8.99.

Let's get down to basics, pencil cases, pens they are all very standard. For most students you will probably only need a blue or black pen, a stapler for assignments and a highlighter. You will definitely need a lock for your locker, bring it on the first day to make sure you get a good locker. The unnecessary bits that always come in handy are a pencil parer, paper clips and some colored pens to make your notes more appealing. 

For STEM student's you will need a ruler, pencils, rubber, goggles depending on your labs, tables book and most definitely a scientific calculator.

I also showed my bag which I will be using this semester in my last post. It was 50 euro in Parfois, It has separate pockets for my laptop and books so I can easily find them and keep them safe.

Good luck to everyone starting college soon.


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