Saturday, 12 August 2017

5 Items To Invest In For College

When it comes to back to school shopping it is easy to loose sight of what you think you need vs what you actually need. After three years I have finally worked out exactly what I need for going back to college. I now only invest in products that will last me until I finish college. Listed below are five products that I could not live without for college. That doesn't mean they have to cost a fortune. The cheapest item is only 6.99 euro and the most expensive is about 70 euro.

1. Diary

A good diary can make your life so much easier. I have always relied on a diary to keep track of assignment due dates, homework and when exams start. It did take me a while to find a diary that fit all my needs. I wanted a large size diary with a monthly calendar and individual days as well. Last year I used the 365 happy days planner but felt 60 euro was a bit too much to pay for a diary. This year I found a agenda in TK Max for 6.99 euro. Only down side was that I bought it in July so six months were already gone, but I still think it was very cheap for six months. It's also very pretty and matches my stationary very well, and it comes with stickers and funky art work inside all drawn by female artists. #girlpower

2. Bag/ Bag pack

This is probably the single most important thing you need for college. Having the right bag makes life so much easier, something I only learned this year. I used to use bag packs because the fit my laptop and notebooks but found I had to take everything out to get to my purse or phone. This year I got this laptop bag from Parfois. It has separate pockets for notebooks and my laptop, as well as space for my purse chargers etc. The bag cost 50 euro and also comes in black and grey.

3. One Good Textbook

Don't get caught up in buying all the text books on the recommended reading list. Typically there will be one book that will cover most topics. Last year I bought one chemistry book that covers beginners to intermediate chemistry. It covered me for most of my classes this year and last year. I bought it because it was recommended by my lecturers and although there were many copies in the library I just used it so much I wanted my own copy. The book cost between 70 and 80 euro in shops but I got it on amazon for 50 euro.

4. Student Leap Card

Having a student leap card is the best way to save money in college. You could easily save 30 euro a week by having a student card and they only cost 10 euro to get.

5. Printer

This is where the invest comes in. Your college should have printers available to use. My college charges 5 cent per page which is pretty decent especially if you can't afford a printer at the time. I found it more convenient to have one at home, often times the printers in college wouldn't work. My printer cost 70 euro because it has a scanner and copier built in. You can buy second hand ones very cheap on done deal and other sites as well as deals on amazon.

Hopefully this helps some people with savings, don't forget to enjoy the rest of the summer while it lasts.


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