Saturday, 31 December 2016

My year in review and engagement !

Hi guys,

I have been so slack with the blog lately but for a very good reason because this Christmas I got engaged !!!

I don't usually do life pieces on the blog but I realise that there may be some people who could benefit from what I have to say today. 2016 has been an amazing year for me and when I think of how far I have come since 2015 its pretty amazing. Actually I had been in pain for 3 years.

In 2015, I was going through chronic pain, my life was pretty hard at that time. I hadn't been able to go to college for months was studying at home trying to scrape by. I hadn't seen friends in about 3 months and I spent my 20th birthday at home with my boyfriend too sore to even talk most of the time. I was just a shell of a person. The hardest part was the never knowing if I would ever get rid of the pain I mean on a scale of 1 to 10 it as definitely a 10 !! I ended up on a list of medications as long as my arm including morphine. The physical and mental effect that has on a person is so hard beyond belief. I was really struggling to cope day in and day out. My family and boyfriend were always by my side. I was very lucky , eventually I started physio for a shoulder injury (which was the cause of the pain), my tablets started to be reduced and I made it back to college.

Trying to go back to normal life as a 20 year old was hard and at times nerve wrecking. Would I be in pain once I got to college, could I make plans or would my pain make me cancel. Slowly I started to be able to plan more and I got to see my friends and even make new friends along the way.

My boyfriend was my rock throughout all of this ! He spent days with me were we didn't even talk we just watched TV in silence, he understood when I had to cancel dates, or how I missed a lot of family events we should have been going to together. Not to mention the stress watching someone you love in pain day in and day out. But he was there every step of the way.

Christmas is a big deal in my family my mam has had the tree up since November 7th and it won't come down until January 8th. For us Christmas is a time to be together and for us to appreciate everything that has happened in the past year. This year for me was extra special because it as the day my long term love of 7 years asked me to marry him of course I said yes !! So this year I am extra thankful for the opportunities I have been given.

The moral of the story is even when everything is going wrong and you struggle to keep going just know that something incredible is waiting for all of us and maybe we need the hard times to really appreciate the incredible moments life affords us !!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Thursday, 8 December 2016

Top stocking fillers for students

It is offically Christmas !!

Hi guys, I finished college today and I am really getting into the Christmas spirit. I got a gingerbread latte in Starbucks (who were playing Christmas music) came home and decorated a real Christmas tree, by real I mean not plastic not real as in I thought Christmas tree's were a myth.

So with that in mind I am starting my Christmas themed posts ! Expect at least one a week but now that I am off I will try and post more regularly. Today's post is as you may have guessed from the title is stocking fillers that for the most part are cheap enough for a college students budget so great for presents for boyfriends/ gilfriends and friends. Maybe your a parent of student in which case student will love these.

Warning: majority of these products are from Penney's because Penney's are killing it at the moment !

Selfie prep kit

Penney's are nailing beauty trends at the moment. If you are interested in beauty you will probably have noticed beauty bloggers are raving about Penney's makeup line. ( I will link my favorite beauty bloggers at the bottom). This kit includes all your basic makeup essentials, mascara, a burgundy lipstick with matching lip liner and nail polish and a beautiful eye shadow palette of burgundy and nudes. At only 10 euro this is a great stocking stuffer or a good gift for someone only starting using makeup.

The Goddess Collection

Another beauty product but this one is arguably the biggest beauty buy of 2016. Basically they are shimmer oils you can put over tan to give you a holiday glow. For best results put on collar bone, arms and legs. The set is available in Penney's nationwide for only 13 euro. It contains three shimmer oils, the goddess oil which is a beautiful golden colour, the most popular rose gold goddess which is perfect for a summer glow and the brand new ice goddess which is a silver shimmer perfect for that Christmas sparkle. Everyone and there mother is going to get one of these for Christmas so pick yours up soon.

A bag pack

If you are a school student or college student everyone needs a good bag. It's something I always hated by for myself. This bag is from Penney's and they have about 10 different styles. It's only 10 euro. Which is by far the cheapest I have seen anywhere. Despite the low price tag the quality is great and will last you.

Zoella Warm hands Warm heart 

I don't know about you guys but when I'm in college especially around exam time my body is about 75% coffee. I love getting pretty travel cups for gifts and you can never have too many. This set comes with a lovely travel mug and finger less gloves. At 13 euro its a great present for friends.

Hot Water bottle

Who doesn't love getting cosy on the couch with a hot chocolate and your favourite Christmas movie. This set includes a matching hot water bottle and cosy socks. It's around 5 euro and available in Penney's. 

I hope you all get in the Christmas spirit. Comment your favourite Christmas movie in the comments section below. Mine is the grinch a classis.

My favourite beauty bloggers 

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