Monday, 28 November 2016

Things to know for open days !!!!!

Hey guy's, it's that time of year again OPEN DAYS !!

So with that in mind I have a new post for you guys. A list of all the essentials for open days. Stick to this list to get the most out of your experience.

Know when each open day is 

Pretty self explanatory. If you don't know when each open day is you can't plan ahead of time which ones to visit. Take this time to mark out exactly what weekend each prospective college is. Try and go to every college you are interested in or even may be interested in. Who knows when you get there you might love what you see.

Pick a list of courses you like and plan to go to each stand

This is the same as above. Basically don't go to open days unprepared trust me you will regret it. I did this at the first open day I went to. Thankfully it was not my first choice because I absolutely wasted my time. I missed the lectures that I wanted to see because I went too late and had no idea what stands I was interested in so I just walked around for a while looking at random stands. When I went to my chosen college DIT I had a much better plan of exactly what I wanted and it was a very productive day. Check out the college website for details on the event.

Talk to lecturers or students

Each course will have a representative stand at open days. Usually there will be a lecturer and student of that course there to hep answer your questions. These are the people you want to ask the questions listed above because they know the course the best. Don't be nervous to ask question's, people will be happy to help.

Make a list of questions for each

I did this when I was going to open days, and I am so glad I did. Turns out I was not looking at the right courses for what I job I wanted. Thankfully the lovely people in DIT that day were really helpful and guided me towards the course I should have been looking at. A list of questions to ask at open days could be , what society's are on offer, what size are the classes, Does this course give me the opportunity to do Erasmus or work experience.

Make sure to see whats socs on offer

You don't just have to find out about academic stuff ! Take this time to learn what extra's your college offers. For example DIT has a free doctor that for me was a huge plus. Find out what societies and clubs are on offer, what about extra help. Like the DIT maths learning center, it's basically free grinds for DIT students.

Enjoy yourself and remember everyone is just as nervous as you are. If you get lost or have a question to ask look for a student ambassador they usually wear big jackets with "student ambassador " on the back.

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