Saturday, 5 November 2016

My top fall must have's

I really love watching must have videos on Youtube or reading them on other blogs. And anyone who knows me knows I loveeeee fall. I mean what's not to love, comfy jumpers, layering clothes, dark lips. So here are some of the pieces I couldn't live without for autumn winter.

Boots, boots boots !!!!!

wether its ankle boots or  knee highs, boot's are the single biggest statement piece for fall. I live in Ireland so you kind of wear boots all year round anyway because it rains like 90% of time. But when you get into fall you have a bit for flexibilty with your boots, I mean kylie jenner  can rock a knee high in July but for most of us that's just not appropriate. So when fall comes I make the most of my more daring picks. Of course I want my boots to look nice but if they aren't comfortable they are not for me. I waited like 3 weeks for penney's to get this boot in and immediately bought them when I could. However I've only wore them once and that is all I will be wearing them because they are the single most uncomfortable shoe I have ever owned. It's like the person who made them hate's feet and wants them to die. ( anyone get that friends reference ;) ).

Black jeans or leggings

Again this is something that can really be worn anytime of the year. I really wanted a pair of high waist black jeans for a while, to wear with crop tops on nights out instead of freezing in a dress in December  !! After a few weeks of searching I found a great pair in ZARA for only 25 euro.

A dark lipstick

Ladies I have said it many, many times that a bold lip can absolutely transform a look. If  you want to make a statement a bold lip like a burgundy shown in the picture below can really go a long way. I am no makeup artist and I find that focusing on my lip instead of eyes is far easier. You can simply put a little gold shadow and some basic eyeliner on and paired with a bold lip makes it look like you spent a lot of time on it when in reality you just shoved it on on the bus on the way to college . # for the win.

A warm coat

Here in Ireland you just can't survive winter without a good coat, FACT. Every Irish woman has at least one. If your like me you probably have that one faithful coat that always finds it's way back into my winter wardrobe every year. My favourite so far is this cape I got as a gift.

Beanies, hats and scarves.

That was a bit long for a heading and it's self explanatory ha. I personally thing there is nothing cuter than being wraped up in a cute and scarf combo. Not to mention it's super practical. My favourite this year is this infinity scarf from penney's. You know when your in bed and you pull the covers up around your neck and fell super comfy that's exactly what this scarf feels like. I love this when I am in the library studying. Here are some of my favourite's.

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