Monday, 17 October 2016

What to do if college isn't working ?

It's that time of the year about two weeks from deadline day. By that I mean the deadline for first year students to change course or drop out of college at no expense. So what do you do when college just isn't working for you ?  well thankfully I have a whole list of tips for you.

College can be quite different from what people expect. It could be because the course you choose isn't what you thought it would be, maybe the college you choose doesn't fit your needs or maybe college in general just isn't for you. I want to start by saying that by now at least 80% of first years will panic and have the days were they think I'm not able for this, college is too hard etc. That's not what this post is about, its's not about self doubt or your own capabilities. This post is for the people who genuinely don't feel like they want to continue in their course and probably have felt this way for a number of weeks.

Here are the steps that you should do if you feel like this, it doesn't have to be in this order and pick and choose the ones that suit you.

talk to someone

This is really important for many different reasons. Maybe there is something happening outside college that's affecting your college work, this can be getting you down and maybe all you need is some help and a bit of guidance and encouragement. If this sounds like you, you should talk to a friend, a parent, a guidance counsellor but perhaps the best person would be your college chaplaincy these are the people who are trained to help you with situations just like this, they are usually lovely generous people who really care about your well being. If you are a student in DIT kevin street your chaplain would be Fionnaula Walsh who is one of the nicest people you would ever meet. You can find her email and phone number on the DIT website.

 So many people feel that they are obligated to at least stick it out until January which can be a big mistake because you then you have to pay half the fees. Obviously each person and their situation is different what works for one person might not work for you. With this in mind any choice to stay or leave should not be made in haste, include your parents they might be able to advise you and support you. If you have questions about your particular course or weather you should be studying a different subject or course I would recommend talking to your year coordinator or a 2nd year student in your course or your desired course. These are the people most able to help with these questions. 2nd year students in particular are really helpful. They have been exactly where you are, probably feeling exactly the same way not too long ago. 

Do your research

Before you go dropping out or switching courses make sure you know what you want. Make sure that the subject you thought you wanted isn't just in semester two. Like science is general for semester one and only gets specialised when you get into semester two. Making a big change from say business to science should be seriously thought out. That would be a big change are you sure you know what is involved exactly what kind of science etc. There are plenty of places you can find out this information. For students wishing to pursue a degree in science scienceATDIT is a dedicated Facebook page run by student ambassadors to help anyone with these kind of questions. Know exactly what you want when switching colleges do you want a college that is more practical or works on theory. Do you want a party college or small class sizes ( a bit of both is ideal) or maybe you want a college closer to home, do you want erasmus or work experience. I know this seems like a lot to take in but trust me once you figure this out it will make the next four years so much easier. 

what can you do instead of college

College is not for everyone and that doesn't mean your not smart or not capable but if you don't love what you do what's the point. You will dread going to class and honestly who want's that. If you really want a career you cant just walk into like accounting there are other options. Chartered accountants and places like this offer internships were you gain experience being paid to work in an accountants but do some night classes. After a few years you end up just as qualified as if you did it as a degree. Maybe you want to do a job that you don't actually need college for you just need experience so take time out work in a few different places till you figure it out. Another option although it technically still is college is to do a FETAC, basically its a level 6 course for a year or two with smaller class sizes and depending on the course you can sometimes go straight into your ideal job.

I hope that  you found atleast some benefit if what I have said and if you have anymore question feel free to email me at Good luck guys :)

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