Sunday, 9 October 2016

How to study at home

Its fallllll !!!! yay my favourite time of year. Get ready to see lots more fall fashion and makeup on this page. Fall is so exciting you have halloweeen and after that we have the big C ( its too early to say its name). How has college been so far? If your a first year student and have used some of my tips this year please let me now so I can see what works for you guys.

This post is all about studying from home maybe your sick, maybe you live far from college or maybe you slacked off a bit the first month don't worry there is still plenty of time to make up for it.

Studying from home can be  really hard but sometimes its the only option. I was really sick my first year in college and I missed a whole semester of classes. It took me a few weeks to really grasp learning from home. Some of my lectures put gaps in the notes which made using them for study virtually impossible and some lecturer's didn't put lectures online at all. So I came up with my own system for studying.

If my lecturers put up notes I would spend some time re-writing the notes myself in my own words. I still do this now that I can attend class. Being able to explain things in your own words means you understand the concept well.

If you've been to college classes you will see that although a lecturer may give out notes for the class their is also a lot they will improvise or add to the notes as the class goes on. Obviously if you can't attend class you may be missing out on some important information. Obviously the easiest thing to do is borrow notes from a friend but if that's not possible there are other things you can do. Also no one likes to constantly be giving there notes to someone who just couldn't be bothered to show up to class. Make sure to give something back when someone helps you out.


Youtube is the single greatest invention in life, especially when you miss class. Once you have the name of the topic for example bonding in alkanes, you can then search this and watch lecturers from other countries teaching the same topic. This is great for two reasons, number one is you get to fill in the gaps in your knowledge and number two is you get to see the topic from a different perspective which is invaluable.

Chem guide and chem wiki

For those of you who aren't familiar with these two sites they are basically websites kind of like wikipedia but credible that will teach you chemistry topics in the shortest and simplest way possile. I love chemguide especailly whenever I am writting an assignment I will always use chemguide as a reference because it is credible and I know it will explain the topic clearly without adding background information I don't need.

Past Papers

If you've read any of my other posts you will know by now that I live by exam papers. If you can do an exam paper you will be able to do the test. Lecturers are creatures of habit and there are only so many questions they can ask. I usually start by writing out all the questions that appear on past papers for a single topic and then I try to fill in the answers by the 2 or third question you will see they don't change that much.

It will take a few days to get used to these changes but if you stick with them it will pay off. I hope this helps some people please let me know how you get on trying out these tips.

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