Monday, 19 September 2016

September Favourites

Surprise surprise !! I know I said that I would only be  posting on Friday's for a while but I had some extra time and was really feeling motivated to do a post for you guys. So here it is My September favourites.

This is a new kind of post from me, I'm not really a beauty blogger and I don't usually write about beauty products because generally people like to hear those kind of reviews from makeup artists. But I have been doing a lot of posts about college life and the start of college for first years. So I thought you might enjoy something a bit lighter because no one wants to read a big long post about college on a Sunday. I don't want to read about college at all on a Sunday !!

Of course as with all my beauty/ product related posts I like to keep them student budget friendly and by this means only including products that I cannot live without, will benefit your student life or are cheap and cheerful on a student budget because lets be honest college is very expensive and making your money go further is the key to success.

First up is the  Nyx setting spray. This is my absolute favourite product this month. If I could only have one product this would be it ( well Obviously its no use without the makeup under it ). There are two types of spray a matte spray and a dewy spray. For the summer I have been using the Dewy Spray as it gives a lovely summer glow. For the winter I will probably change to matte. I use this in the mornings and I am guaranteed that my makeup will last all day. These are two pictures from my holidays to show the dewy look you get from this product.

The next product is also an NYX product. I do have a slight obsession with NYX but it combines my two favourite things colour and being cheap. One of my favourites is the vivid brights eyeliner collection. The pink liner in the picture below is called ... and its only 7.50 in boots I mean come on that's amazing. I also used  it as a mascara for my top lashes and used NYX purple mascara for bottom lashes and purple and pink lip gloss. I just love this colour and I am trying to use as much colour as possible before the summer is over.

My next September love is the Cocoa Brown rose gold body oil. Now I am certainly not the first person to highlight what people in the beauty industry have referred to as the ' Miracle Product'. In fact every blogger I follow in the last three months has a bottle of this. It is the second oil of the franchise the first being cocoa brown gold oil. This one is different as it has a brown tint to it. It works well over a tan but be warned I do use a far bit of product in order to get the affect I want. The other thing that I found amazing was the scent it smells like holidays not curry powder like some tanning products. So I can wear this for college without people getting hungry for lunch.

Number four has to be the Fuschia Tribal palette. Here's why I love this pallete it is full of gorgeous red and orange colours. Paired with a blue eyeliner it was major favourite for festival goers this year. But paired with lovely neutral browns it is set to be a major staple in your autumn/winter makeup bag. Its so super pigmented.

Penney's false nails I mean where do I even start. I feel like Penney's are just killing it this month with all these beauty items I mean from rose gold makeup brushes, there ps. pro makeup range and everything in between. Bloggers all over Ireland are obsessing over penney's beauty range. I however am obsessed with their nail range, false nails and nail varnish included. I love that they are cheap as chips at only 1.50 euro. At that price I don't care if one brakes or falls off but that's not even a problem because they stick so well you get about 5 days out of one pack. These are just some of my favourite's this is month. I also love the metallic varnish and at only 2.50 that's awesome, and well within a student budget.

I realise I use the word love a lot in this post and I know from school that that is terrible grammer and I should switch it up for like or am impressed by but those words just don't do these products justice they are all amazing and I LOVE them all !!! Let me know what words you guys use instead ?

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