Thursday, 15 September 2016

Physics society

Hi guys,

I know I've been MIA lately, you've probably noticed that I haven't posted on Monday like I usually do, but I do have a good reason.  I started back to college this week and my schedule is pretty hectic as most science students can imagine. Between a really busy class schedule and lab reports (5 per week) I just haven't had time for blogging much.

Rather than post two half arsed posts a week I have decided to dedicate what little time I do have to doing one good post every Friday. hopefully I will have a better handle on things by October and can go back to posting twice a week ( here's hoping). The topic of today's post is a little bit different but since societies week is right around the corner I have decided to do a feature post on my favourite society the Physics society, Don't run away yet it's not all physics !!

What Physics Soc is all about

I for one am not a physics loving person. Me and physics have had a difficult relationship for the past three years. So I completely understand if you feel like this society would not be for you but let me tell you why you should join ! When you get to college particularly first year you will spend most of your classes with people studying the same thing you are. For instance I studied Chemistry so I spent all my classes with other chemistry students. Most people will only study one science subject for the leaving cert which means most of us have a really hard time with physics when they get to college. And since your all chemistry students you cant really help each other that much.

Societies are a great way to meet people from other subjects that you wouldn't normally be paired with. Being part of the physics society means I have made friends with a lot of physicists who I can go to for help with physics and likewise I can help them with chemistry.

Besides the obvious fact that  you now have friends who can help you there are also a lot of perks to being in a society.... like a lot !!! I've already outlined this before in a previous post. (June archives) This post is specifically for Physics soc.

What Physics Soc is all about

Our Events

So each month is a different theme. The first month (October) is Careers month so workshops will be helping students with skills to get a job and talks for people in industry. There will be ice breakers for all new members and an AGM to outline exactly what events will happen when ? I saved the best for last the main event for this month will be Go Quest, This is 27 puzzle rooms, that will test your physical mental and ... skills. This is one not to be missed ! oh did I mention events are free...score !

The main event in Tech month (November) will be the stupid science fair. Yes it is exactly like it sounds an entire hall full of the simplest and most fun experiments you can think of, Mento's an coke got it, model rockets and egg drops ... GOT IT ALL. The aim, to show that science can be fun and interactive for people of all ages and genera.

And all of this is just semester one ! You'll have to sign up to see what goodies are hiding in semester two.

For more information check out the physics facebook page.

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