Friday, 9 September 2016

Get motivated for college

I'm sorry that this post is a day late but college started back this week for all first year students in DIT and as a student ambassador I have been quite busy. It's so great to get to meet new first years and help you guys with all of the questions I had in first year. 

This post is something that has been requested and so I do hope that it helps people. These are just some tips that I find help me when I lack motivation. 

Listen to up beat music

This really does work. A lot of people find that they study better when they listen to music. And ts the same for working out. 

Tell someone else about your goals

Telling someone about your goals is the best way to make sure you will achieve them. People will be asking you how you got on with your goal and you don't want to say you haven't done it and it will remind you in case you forget.

Use a diary and tick off items as you go

This is one thing I have to do to remember everything that I need to get done. I write lists about lists !! It's so simple but having everything you need to do wrote down can really help you visualize how you are doing. Each time you cross something off your list it will give you the sense of accomplishment and the motivation to keep going. 

Inspirational qoutes

Whenever I need to feel motivated to exercise, study or make my self a priority I use pictures of inspirational quotes. I print out the pictures and place them in specific areas. If I want motivation to be healthy I put fitness pictures on the wall across from my bed so it's the first thing I see and healthy food on my fridge. If I need inspiration to study I put inspirational quotes on my hard backs. If I nee inspiration to make myself a priority I make it my screen saver.

Make study groups

This kind of work's like number two. I know I always have the best intentions to study. But sometime's you feel tired or your not in the mood. If you schedule a time to with a study buddy you are more likely to go because you won't want to cancel on the other person. You can also help each other learn information better and ask each other questions.

Reward yourself

I do this ALL the time. Every time I work out I put a euro in a piggy bank at the end of the month I use it to buy a new pair of runners or something health related to get me motivated to get fit. 

When I study I usually use coffee or my favorite food to motivate myself.

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