Thursday, 29 September 2016

How to beat public anxiety.

First of all my apologies for not uploading last Friday but I have been so super busy with college. Who else feels like there are not enough hours in the day.? You science students know what I'm talking about.

This post is super relevant for first years and for any college student really because no matter what you study in college presentations are unfortunately a necessary component. Some people wouldn't worry about public speaking but for most of us Its pretty nerve wrecking. Especially if you are a shy person.

I don't have a magic wand to get you out of that assignment but I do have some tried and tested tips to help with public speaking. These are tips that I found have worked for me.

Question Time

All presentations end the same way with a standard 2-3 minutes for questions. If no one volunteers to ask questions your lecturer will and trust me you don't want that. Your lecturer is bound to ask you way more in depth and harder questions. The way to get around this is by setting some questions and have your friends ask you them. This is not cheating, we all do this and trust me you will feel so much more relaxed because you already have an answer prepared.

Find a friend

Another tip I found relaxed me a lot and I stumbled upon by accident was to focus on a friend in the crowd. You should feel less nervous if you think your just talking to a friend. An important thing to note tho is you have to at least act like your talking to the crowd. Just look back to your friend when you need support.

Practice makes perfect!

If you go into a class without practicing your presentation, reading directly of flash cards or not knowing how to set up your presentation you will fail ! This isn't school your lecturer is not going to help you set up your computer. It's your job to be prepared.

Nervous habits !

Let's say your someone who touches their hair a lot. Hold a small rubber in the palm of your hand. No one will know it's there but you, when you feel like touching your hair which happens ten times more when you are nervous. Just squeeze the rubber. Another thing nervous people do is read directly off the flash cards. Huge no no shows you don't know what your talking about.

Dress to impress !

Weather your a guy or a girl this is supper important for many reasons. Number one reason if you dress nice you will feel nice and have a confidence boost. Number two I had a lecturer who was so impressed by the fact the people in my group dressed up for the occasion she gave us extra marks. And she also gave extra marks to any group who dressed up after us. For a guy it doesn't have to be a full suit although some people in my class did opt for that. It could be a pair of jeans and a nice shirt. For a girl it doesn't mean heels. It means maybe a nice top or blazer and some jeans.

Motivation !
This is one thing I will always do before a presentation. To get motivated I do two things. Number 1, I listen to super up beat motivating music it could be some beyonce, eminem whatever gets you pumped. Number 2,  I look at inspirational quotes from women in power Michelle Obama, lady gaga or my favourites Tina Fay and Amy Poehler here are some of my favourites.

These tips will help you to feel less stressed and more prepared. If you want to see some tips on how to do group projects comment below. I have done quite a few presentations, public speaking and meetings with committees and I have found that every time I do it gets that little bit easier. Have confidence in yourself and remember that the other people n your class are just as nervous as you are. If it doesn't go like you planned or you get some particularly harsh criticism just leave that negativity in the class room. One bad presentation does not define you don't let it make or brake you.

Monday, 19 September 2016

September Favourites

Surprise surprise !! I know I said that I would only be  posting on Friday's for a while but I had some extra time and was really feeling motivated to do a post for you guys. So here it is My September favourites.

This is a new kind of post from me, I'm not really a beauty blogger and I don't usually write about beauty products because generally people like to hear those kind of reviews from makeup artists. But I have been doing a lot of posts about college life and the start of college for first years. So I thought you might enjoy something a bit lighter because no one wants to read a big long post about college on a Sunday. I don't want to read about college at all on a Sunday !!

Of course as with all my beauty/ product related posts I like to keep them student budget friendly and by this means only including products that I cannot live without, will benefit your student life or are cheap and cheerful on a student budget because lets be honest college is very expensive and making your money go further is the key to success.

First up is the  Nyx setting spray. This is my absolute favourite product this month. If I could only have one product this would be it ( well Obviously its no use without the makeup under it ). There are two types of spray a matte spray and a dewy spray. For the summer I have been using the Dewy Spray as it gives a lovely summer glow. For the winter I will probably change to matte. I use this in the mornings and I am guaranteed that my makeup will last all day. These are two pictures from my holidays to show the dewy look you get from this product.

The next product is also an NYX product. I do have a slight obsession with NYX but it combines my two favourite things colour and being cheap. One of my favourites is the vivid brights eyeliner collection. The pink liner in the picture below is called ... and its only 7.50 in boots I mean come on that's amazing. I also used  it as a mascara for my top lashes and used NYX purple mascara for bottom lashes and purple and pink lip gloss. I just love this colour and I am trying to use as much colour as possible before the summer is over.

My next September love is the Cocoa Brown rose gold body oil. Now I am certainly not the first person to highlight what people in the beauty industry have referred to as the ' Miracle Product'. In fact every blogger I follow in the last three months has a bottle of this. It is the second oil of the franchise the first being cocoa brown gold oil. This one is different as it has a brown tint to it. It works well over a tan but be warned I do use a far bit of product in order to get the affect I want. The other thing that I found amazing was the scent it smells like holidays not curry powder like some tanning products. So I can wear this for college without people getting hungry for lunch.

Number four has to be the Fuschia Tribal palette. Here's why I love this pallete it is full of gorgeous red and orange colours. Paired with a blue eyeliner it was major favourite for festival goers this year. But paired with lovely neutral browns it is set to be a major staple in your autumn/winter makeup bag. Its so super pigmented.

Penney's false nails I mean where do I even start. I feel like Penney's are just killing it this month with all these beauty items I mean from rose gold makeup brushes, there ps. pro makeup range and everything in between. Bloggers all over Ireland are obsessing over penney's beauty range. I however am obsessed with their nail range, false nails and nail varnish included. I love that they are cheap as chips at only 1.50 euro. At that price I don't care if one brakes or falls off but that's not even a problem because they stick so well you get about 5 days out of one pack. These are just some of my favourite's this is month. I also love the metallic varnish and at only 2.50 that's awesome, and well within a student budget.

I realise I use the word love a lot in this post and I know from school that that is terrible grammer and I should switch it up for like or am impressed by but those words just don't do these products justice they are all amazing and I LOVE them all !!! Let me know what words you guys use instead ?

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Physics society

Hi guys,

I know I've been MIA lately, you've probably noticed that I haven't posted on Monday like I usually do, but I do have a good reason.  I started back to college this week and my schedule is pretty hectic as most science students can imagine. Between a really busy class schedule and lab reports (5 per week) I just haven't had time for blogging much.

Rather than post two half arsed posts a week I have decided to dedicate what little time I do have to doing one good post every Friday. hopefully I will have a better handle on things by October and can go back to posting twice a week ( here's hoping). The topic of today's post is a little bit different but since societies week is right around the corner I have decided to do a feature post on my favourite society the Physics society, Don't run away yet it's not all physics !!

What Physics Soc is all about

I for one am not a physics loving person. Me and physics have had a difficult relationship for the past three years. So I completely understand if you feel like this society would not be for you but let me tell you why you should join ! When you get to college particularly first year you will spend most of your classes with people studying the same thing you are. For instance I studied Chemistry so I spent all my classes with other chemistry students. Most people will only study one science subject for the leaving cert which means most of us have a really hard time with physics when they get to college. And since your all chemistry students you cant really help each other that much.

Societies are a great way to meet people from other subjects that you wouldn't normally be paired with. Being part of the physics society means I have made friends with a lot of physicists who I can go to for help with physics and likewise I can help them with chemistry.

Besides the obvious fact that  you now have friends who can help you there are also a lot of perks to being in a society.... like a lot !!! I've already outlined this before in a previous post. (June archives) This post is specifically for Physics soc.

What Physics Soc is all about

Our Events

So each month is a different theme. The first month (October) is Careers month so workshops will be helping students with skills to get a job and talks for people in industry. There will be ice breakers for all new members and an AGM to outline exactly what events will happen when ? I saved the best for last the main event for this month will be Go Quest, This is 27 puzzle rooms, that will test your physical mental and ... skills. This is one not to be missed ! oh did I mention events are free...score !

The main event in Tech month (November) will be the stupid science fair. Yes it is exactly like it sounds an entire hall full of the simplest and most fun experiments you can think of, Mento's an coke got it, model rockets and egg drops ... GOT IT ALL. The aim, to show that science can be fun and interactive for people of all ages and genera.

And all of this is just semester one ! You'll have to sign up to see what goodies are hiding in semester two.

For more information check out the physics facebook page.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Get motivated for college

I'm sorry that this post is a day late but college started back this week for all first year students in DIT and as a student ambassador I have been quite busy. It's so great to get to meet new first years and help you guys with all of the questions I had in first year. 

This post is something that has been requested and so I do hope that it helps people. These are just some tips that I find help me when I lack motivation. 

Listen to up beat music

This really does work. A lot of people find that they study better when they listen to music. And ts the same for working out. 

Tell someone else about your goals

Telling someone about your goals is the best way to make sure you will achieve them. People will be asking you how you got on with your goal and you don't want to say you haven't done it and it will remind you in case you forget.

Use a diary and tick off items as you go

This is one thing I have to do to remember everything that I need to get done. I write lists about lists !! It's so simple but having everything you need to do wrote down can really help you visualize how you are doing. Each time you cross something off your list it will give you the sense of accomplishment and the motivation to keep going. 

Inspirational qoutes

Whenever I need to feel motivated to exercise, study or make my self a priority I use pictures of inspirational quotes. I print out the pictures and place them in specific areas. If I want motivation to be healthy I put fitness pictures on the wall across from my bed so it's the first thing I see and healthy food on my fridge. If I need inspiration to study I put inspirational quotes on my hard backs. If I nee inspiration to make myself a priority I make it my screen saver.

Make study groups

This kind of work's like number two. I know I always have the best intentions to study. But sometime's you feel tired or your not in the mood. If you schedule a time to with a study buddy you are more likely to go because you won't want to cancel on the other person. You can also help each other learn information better and ask each other questions.

Reward yourself

I do this ALL the time. Every time I work out I put a euro in a piggy bank at the end of the month I use it to buy a new pair of runners or something health related to get me motivated to get fit. 

When I study I usually use coffee or my favorite food to motivate myself.

Monday, 5 September 2016

How to get more out of college.

There is more to college than getting good grades. And its important to know this. Probably the most important part of college is to socialise and this can be done in a number of ways. Don't worry if you are shy or a bit of an extrovert. Obviously out going people will find it easier to mix at first but honestly making friends isn't hard.

Another really important thing to note is that when you graduate and look for jobs the first question you will be asked is what did you do in college ? This is where you answer that you were in clubs and societies or volunteered. It does not mean tell them about your great grades because you sat at home every weekend studying. Employers want people who can communicate and be part of a team, all life skills you learn in clubs and societies.


Joining a society is one of the best things you can do in college. Societies are a great way to make friends especially for first years. You get to go on great days out either at discounted prices or better yet free. Societies also arrange guest speakers who are experts in their field to give talks on careers and life skills. They also run workshops to help you increase your skill set such as workshops for  Cv writing. Being involved looks really good on a Cv. Most employers won't even consider people who have no extra curricular activities. Getting A's in college is great but it isn't everything.


This is a great way to help others. You can do food drives for the homeless, old folks dinners and community clean ups. Your college will have a website with a list of different options so you can choose the charity that's right for you.

Believe it or not you can have a lot of fun and you get to help others who need it, which should be the reason you volunteer in the first place.Their are also awards given out at the end of the year which you can then put on your Cv if you wish.

Another way of volunteering is by helping teach extra classes to first years. Like extra maths classes.

Student Ambassador Programme

For those of you who aren't familiar with the student ambassador programme it's basically  a group of students who represent the college in their respected field. My college for example has 10 student ambassadors for science who represent the college in maths, physics and chemistry etc.

This is a great way to meet new people. As well as helping to first years settle in and encouraging future students. You get to represent your college at open days and answer students questions as well as mentoring a first year.

Nights out

College is the one place you will have countless options for nights out and other opportunities. Freshers week isn't really a week its two. The first two weeks of college to be exact. This time is designated to helping students get comfortable and make friends by basically going out together. Such as paint parties freshers balls etc.

They are super affordable nights out designed only for students. It' also a great way to meet people outside of your course.So do go to at least one freshers event. Don't worry its not entirely alcohol related so their is something for everyone.

Friday, 2 September 2016

How to make friends your first week in college

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How do you make friends your first week in college ?

It doesn't matter whether you are a mature student or an eighteen year old we are all worried  about this, but it doesn't have to be terrifying. Basically if you want to make friends and you put yourself out there you will make friends.

I wasn't the most shy person in my class but I wasn't necessarily the most outspoken either. Of course people who are naturally out going will find making friends easier than shy people but trust me even if you are really shy its really easy to make friends. Keep in mind everyone and I mean everyone in that classroom just wants to make a friend this is both good and bad.

Hear me out,
The first day all anyone wants is someone to talk someone, no one wants to sit in the corner alone, because of this you will immediately cling to the person sitting next to you. You could get lucky and find your best friend but nine times out of ten they are people you would not usually choose, you usually don't have any interests in common. So don't let this put you off.

Join a society

This is one of the best ways to make friends because you clearly already have something in common it could sports or business any society you like. Most societies will have a special event just for new first years at the start of the year so that no one feels nervous.

Societies arrange special talks from guest speakers and events like paint balling and trips abroad. Their is also places for first year's on the committee of the society. This gives you a chance to organise events meet new people and build your CV.

Talk to the people in your class

This could be as simple as asking how are you ? or bonding over mutual dislike of lecturer or subject, trust me this one works all of the time ! It could even be as simple as just giving someone a compliment.

Freshers events

Freshers week is party week. Basically different societies and clubs will organize party's and events for the first two weeks. There are loads of different events so something for everyone. The party's are full of first years and a great place to make friends with people that are not just in your course.

Get a job

getting a job hen your in college is a great idea. College is expensive and so having no job isn't really an option. This doesn't have to be a bad thing tho. Pick a job in an area of interest are you studying science maybe work in a pharmacy, like pets work as a secretary for a vet. It's also a great place to meet people ad make friends.