Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Surviving your first day of college

So you've got your place in college now what ?

Its not like someone hands you a handbook for surviving college right. Some of us can be lucky enough to have friends or older siblings in college who can tell you what to expect but for the unlucky few this post is all about you.

For most of us the idea of going into college the first day can seem TERRIFYING but this is totally normal and we typically all have the same worries, will I find my class, will I make friends, what exactly is the first day of college all about. Well I'm gonna tell you exactly what happens your first day of college.

What is the first day for ?

First of all the first day of college is by far the easiest, (right now your thinking shes nuts right ?) but let me explain. The first day of college is what's known as induction day. Induction day is about introducing you to your lecturers showing you around campus, giving you your class schedules and all that jazz. Seem okay so far, that's because it is.

Will I make friends my first day ?

This is the big question everyone is thinking and its what makes the first day seem so scary. The short answer is no probably not, don't panic stay with me. The first day all anyone is thinking is someone please talk to me so I'm not left here by myself in the corner. Everyone is so desperate to make friends that they will instantly cling to the person sitting next to them. These are probably people you would never usually click with any other time and as the weeks go on you will realise this. Some of you may be really lucky and find your best friend instantly and that's perfect but don't worry if that doesn't happen for you. I will say however that you cannot make friends if your not trying so go against everything your head is telling you and just start talking to people, anyone who will listen basically.

Will I find my way to class ?

At this point you probably don't have your class schedule yet so all you have to do is find the main hall. You'll know your in the right place cause there will be a few hundred other students all wandering around in there too.

If you have no idea were you're going ask someone. Student ambassadors generally walk around in big colourful t-shirts so you can ask them to direct you. Don't be scared when you walk in at first there will be a heck load of people in there, just find yourself a seat.

After the president and some lecturers introduce themselves you will then be split up into your class groups and will follow some poor lecturer around for the rest of the day. This persons job is to show you to your classes, give you a tour of the building, give you safety talks, try get people talking to each other and give you your class schedules. And what do they get in return ? About 100 empty faces staring back at them afraid to be the first person to talk first. So be nice to your lecturers the first few days because they have a really hard time too.

Some quick tips to remember

  • If you have a class schedule, know where your class is.
  • Check the weather especially in Ireland it could be lovely when you leave the house and raining cats and dogs by lunch time and no one wants to look like a drowned rat there first day.
  • Alternatively bring a small umbrella with you at all times.
  • Bring a lock and key for your locker. All the good lockers get taken the first day so you need to be one of the first !!!
  • Eat a good breakfast !! I sound like my mother but honestly it could be hours before you get a time for lunch and no one wants there stomach growling in the middle of class the first day.
  • Refer to your lecturers as Dr or their last name, not by there first name and never  by teacher.

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