Monday, 29 August 2016

My Sunday Night Routine.

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I love watching night time routines on Youtube and reading them on blogs I follow. Its probably one of my favourite posts to read. Partly because I like to see what products people have found that work for example oily or dry skin and partly because I like to know I'm not the only one who is a creature of habit.

I wanted to do this post for a while but I didn't just want to do a standard night time routine because I wanted to still connected it with the blogs focus. The blogs focus being that its wrote by a college for college students so it needed to relate directly to college life. So I thought I would do my Sunday night routine. This is everything I do to get myself prepared for the week ahead.

The first thing I like to do is shower and wash my hair. I use herbal essences shampoo because I love how it smells like holidays. I use the conditioner from hair colour boxes because they really nourish your hair and make your hair soft. I am loving the victoria's secret shower gel at the moment because it is sweet.

When I get out I use Penney's ps glow face mask. This is a really deep conditioning mask that takes all the dirt out of your pores and then I use the ps glow moisturiser. (it really makes your face glow). These products are great for students because they wont break the bank.

I also use Nivea firming body oil. Its great for any blemishes and stretchmarks or uneven skin and at about 5 euro a bottle ( in Llyods pharmacy) its a bargain.

Then I will brush my teeth I swear by the Beverley Hills charcoal tooth paste. It is amazing for removing stains from your teeth ( I love coffee). Basically the charcoal will stick to stains but not to enamel so its perfectly safe for sensitive teeth. Its about 3.50 euro in any chemist or supermarket. I will then use My ..... teeth whitening stripes. They are amazing !! Obviously I don't use the trips every night . The other nights I use the polish gel.

The final thing I do before bed is to put on my He Shi self tanning oil. This product is amazing !!! It's the only tan I will use. The oil... you put on at night and leave it till the next morning to wash off the I get a lovely tan that will naturally fade over 7 days without being patchy. It's not super dark which is what I love it looks like you've been on holidays. The best part is its only 20 euro (in Llyods pharmacy) and since you only need to use it once a week the bottle goes a long way.


  1. Your night routine sounds very interesting and it is a good source of inspiration. Check my blog ♡

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'd love to check out your blog what's it called ?

  3. This is so cool! Love that Nivea Body Oil, is it any good?

    1. Its amazing super moisturizing and clears stretch marks