Thursday, 25 August 2016

How to get an A+ in lab write ups.

Never done a lab write up before ? Or maybe you have but your not getting the results you want. This is what an A+ student puts into each lab write up.

First of all you need to state exactly what experiment you are doing and what you expect to happen ?

Label everything !!

  •                                                                          Date
  • Time
  • Exact procedure
  • Diagrams
  • Graphs

Know your exact measurements.

  • Know how to convert measurements. ( Eg kilograms to grams, cm to metres)
  • Know the accuracy of your measuring equipment.  (Eg +- 0.005cm for pippete.)
  • Weigh all samples in grams. 

What can affect your experiment ?

There are inside and outside factors which can contribute to the accuracy of your experiment.

  • Temperature and pressure are outside factors.
  • Chemical reactions occurring within a sample are inside factors.

Record everything !!!!

  • Colour changes.
  • Concentrations.
  • Dilutions.
  • Does it dissolve.

Finally what is the conclusion ?

What results did you get ? Did it work as you thought it would ? What can you derive from this ? 

Note: The most important thing to do is note if something went wrong and the conclusions this would have on the experiment.

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