Thursday, 4 August 2016

Get motivated to be healthy in college

  • 1 Find an exercise regime that works for you classes gym etc. I am the kind of person needs to be told what to do so I like going to Pilates classes. And I watch blogilates at home.

  • 2 Get rid of all bad food on Instagram follow people who have tips on being healthy,healthy food etc.

  • 3 Don't wait till your starving to eat. This will make you more likely to eat more and to choose unhealthy convenient food.

  • 4 You don't have to go cold turkey allow yourself one bad thing a day for the first  few weeks than every second day and gradually cut down to amount you are happy with. If you cut out all bad food straight away your body will crave it and you wont last very long.

  • 5 Cut out fizzy drinks. Trust me your skin will get better ad you will loose weight.

  • 6 Try eat more fruit and veg, 2 fruit and  3 veg a day. Don't eat more than 2 piece's of fruit a day as fruit is full of sugar. Make sure you get as many colour's on the plate as possible.

  • 7 Try to do 10 000 steps a day it sounds like a lot but I usually have 10 000 steps done before lunch in college.

  • 8  Another great tip I like to use is every day I exercise I put 1 euro in a savings box at the end of the month you will have a fair bit. You should then use this on fitness stuff new gym clothes or runners you've wanted. This then motivates you to keep it up. 

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