Thursday, 11 August 2016

Dress for success.

Dressing for an interview can seem terrifying if you have never done an interview before but if you find the right outfit it can give you a lot of confidence.

There are different ways to dress depending on the type of interview you are going to. There are different situations to dress for such as the formal work interview and the college interview.

Formal work interview.

This is when you are applying for a serious job. It could be your first job out of college or even a part time job. It's probably some where formal so you need to dress like such. It is not a fashion show so wearing what's in fashion at the moment should not be your main focus. A blazer is a key stapler for any interview but especially for this type of interview. Stick to basic colours black, navy, cream and white. You should look well presented, that means hair done and makeup if you like. Keep makeup and hair simple and natural. Never ever wear runners or jeans to an interview especially a formal interview.

Non formal job interview.

This could be for a camp leader role or a fashion role perhaps. In this case it is important to show your personality. In this type of job you are allowed and even encouraged to show your personality in your appearance. If you are applying for a job in a clothes shop etc it is important that you dress appropriately. You can be a bit braver with your makeup and hair but don't go over board. Again do not wear runners or jeans. Keep jewellery simple. A statement necklace is a great way to dress up an outfit.


The college interview.

This is really informal they just want to see what you are like as a person and how interested you are in the course. You can wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. In theory you can wear whatever you like but jeans and runners are a no go for any interview.

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