Sunday, 14 August 2016

Back to school haul / organisation

Its that time of year again back to school and college. Some people hate going back others like me love the idea of new classes, new schedule maybe new school, but we all love BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING !!!!!!!

This post is kind of a fun one for me not so serious. I absolutely love stationary shopping. Having nice new stationary makes me feel confident and motivates me for getting back to college. This year two of my favourite things combined Primark or Penney's in Ireland and stationary.

They have two collections one with lots of colour's and prints in green black and white and my favourite rose gold and marble. I mean rose gold and marble its a match made in heaven. Bloggers all over Ireland are going crazy for this combo. And at prices starting from just 1.30 euro they are a bargain.This year I did already have some stationary I hadn't used last year and so I only bought half the collection but what I did buy I LOooooove. 

My planner

So this is my brain literally I couldn't remember anything without this ! My planner goes everywhere with me. There are tons of different planner types out there but this is my favourite. I love the 365 happy days planner by me and my big ideas ( I mean that names cute all by itself ).

It has a page at the front of each month to note important events and birthdays etc. Then a two page monthly calendar and finally it has each day of the month marked out in morning afternoon night.

Pencil case

I couldn't find a pencil case I liked this year, I wanted a gold one to fit with my other stationary. So instead I found this makeup brush holder in Penney's and am using this as a pencil case. I wont lie it doesn't hold a lot but its big enough for me. And at only 5 euro its a bargain. I will probably leave this in my locker and use it for labs because I will be using my organizer for a pencil case most of the time.

Ring binder

The next item is my ring binder this literally is everything to me. Carrying around folders and notebooks for every class will break your back ! It took me a long time to come up with an alternatively but now that I have I will never go back.

In this binder I have an A4 notepad I got this really cute one in TkMax, some post it notes and some polly pockets. I write my notes on the A4 pad and tear them off and put them in a polly pocket for each subject that day. When I get home i then put the notes into a separate folder for each subject.

Alternatively you could use these slimline folder pockets to put notes in instead of the big A4 folder. I just prefer to have the A4 and know I only have to pick up one thing. These folders were 4 euro for 9 folders in TkMax and the notebooks were 6 euro.

My organizer

This is amazing it keeps everything together in one place neatly so I will never forget anything. Inside I store my laptop, its and Asus T100 so super lightweght. An A4 refil pad, pencil's and pens,ruler, stapler and paper clips and of course sticky notes. I like these conversation bubble sticky notes. I got this on Amazon for 20 euro.

And of course my backpack and purse which I got to match. I bought these on my latest trip to turkey for 30 euro if you haven't been to turkey before I would definitely recommend it. The quality is remarkable it will definitely last me all year and its not too big and bulky.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and that you got some helpful tips for organization and what you will actually need for college. If you like this post be sure to like my Facebook page in the link above.

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