Thursday, 18 August 2016

6 Best Tips for First Year Students

Lets be honest first year can seem like a really confusing time and it all goes so quickly. So having some tips can really make your life a lot easier. These are just  few tips I would have loved to have known before first year.

Financial help

I have a previous post all about saving money your first year in college. These include free microsoft office, saving money on books, financial aid etc. So if you are interested in savings which you should be, check out that post.

Go to class

I know it seems so obvious right, but its not ! First year attendance is the worst attendance of the whole four years. Its so easy when you get to college and skip a class or two or you skip that 9 am class, believe me we all do it at some point in the year.

This is really important because people who skip classes have a much higher risk of failing.

Don't Panic

Everyone has a bad day, that day when nothing goes right you feel like you're in over your head and your not sure if your cut out for it all.

What most people don't realise is that everyone and I mean everyone even that A+ student has these days.

Library Time

Those large breaks between classes are for library and study time not for a really long lunch !!
Plus if you use this time to study or finish up assignments its less to do when you get home.

Self Teaching

When you get to college you quickly realise you have to do at least 50% of the work. That means self teaching you could use books, Youtube videos or my favourite is to use sites like Chemwiki. Chemwiki is a website which explains chemistry topics in an easy and understandable way.

Free classes

Most colleges such as mine have extra classes to help students who may be struggling throughout the year. Depending on your degree there are different classes available.

My college is for science students so the classes on offer are maths, chemistry and academic writing. These classes are especially for first year students. If you had to pay for grinds it would cost 40 euro an hour and you get these classes for free !! So you should really make the most of them.

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