Friday, 26 August 2016

3 Healthy and easy lunches

When you get to college you will quickly learn that it is very smart to make your own lunches. One because it saves a lot of money and two it helps you stay healthy. I'm not actually back to college for a few weeks but making these lunches to show you guys is keeping me eating healthy, so thanks for the help.

I like to use this multi-part lunch box that I got in Homestore and More, you can also get them in Woodies. These kids of lunch boxes are great so your food doesn't mix, like if u have a past salad and a brownie or something. It has 4 separate compartments, one large on the bottom, one medium size and two small compartments.

All of these can be made the night before and only take a few minutes to make. I am very conscious that students like me don't have a lot of time in the mornings and that's why so many of us pick up something while we are out. Its usually convenience food at high prices and not very healthy. All of these lunches can be made the night before or will take about 5 minutes to make in the morning.

Lunch one 

This is super easy you can make it the night before to save even more time. Its just a simple wrap of spinach, ham and mayo.  A yogurt and kiwi and for desert my cookie shots. These cookie shots are my favourite treat their only 18 calories each and taste exactly like chocolate chip cookies.

Lunch two

A simple pasta salad: pasta, pasta sauce I used the jar of sauce to save time, peppered turkey and spinach as the base of the salad. I put some strawberry's and a fibre one brownie for desert.

Lunch three

Super quick and simple, you can make this the night before to save time as well. A fruit salad, dairy lee dunkers (not so healthy) and a fibre one brownie.

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