Monday, 29 August 2016

My Sunday Night Routine.

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I love watching night time routines on Youtube and reading them on blogs I follow. Its probably one of my favourite posts to read. Partly because I like to see what products people have found that work for example oily or dry skin and partly because I like to know I'm not the only one who is a creature of habit.

I wanted to do this post for a while but I didn't just want to do a standard night time routine because I wanted to still connected it with the blogs focus. The blogs focus being that its wrote by a college for college students so it needed to relate directly to college life. So I thought I would do my Sunday night routine. This is everything I do to get myself prepared for the week ahead.

The first thing I like to do is shower and wash my hair. I use herbal essences shampoo because I love how it smells like holidays. I use the conditioner from hair colour boxes because they really nourish your hair and make your hair soft. I am loving the victoria's secret shower gel at the moment because it is sweet.

When I get out I use Penney's ps glow face mask. This is a really deep conditioning mask that takes all the dirt out of your pores and then I use the ps glow moisturiser. (it really makes your face glow). These products are great for students because they wont break the bank.

I also use Nivea firming body oil. Its great for any blemishes and stretchmarks or uneven skin and at about 5 euro a bottle ( in Llyods pharmacy) its a bargain.

Then I will brush my teeth I swear by the Beverley Hills charcoal tooth paste. It is amazing for removing stains from your teeth ( I love coffee). Basically the charcoal will stick to stains but not to enamel so its perfectly safe for sensitive teeth. Its about 3.50 euro in any chemist or supermarket. I will then use My ..... teeth whitening stripes. They are amazing !! Obviously I don't use the trips every night . The other nights I use the polish gel.

The final thing I do before bed is to put on my He Shi self tanning oil. This product is amazing !!! It's the only tan I will use. The oil... you put on at night and leave it till the next morning to wash off the I get a lovely tan that will naturally fade over 7 days without being patchy. It's not super dark which is what I love it looks like you've been on holidays. The best part is its only 20 euro (in Llyods pharmacy) and since you only need to use it once a week the bottle goes a long way.

Friday, 26 August 2016

3 Healthy and easy lunches

When you get to college you will quickly learn that it is very smart to make your own lunches. One because it saves a lot of money and two it helps you stay healthy. I'm not actually back to college for a few weeks but making these lunches to show you guys is keeping me eating healthy, so thanks for the help.

I like to use this multi-part lunch box that I got in Homestore and More, you can also get them in Woodies. These kids of lunch boxes are great so your food doesn't mix, like if u have a past salad and a brownie or something. It has 4 separate compartments, one large on the bottom, one medium size and two small compartments.

All of these can be made the night before and only take a few minutes to make. I am very conscious that students like me don't have a lot of time in the mornings and that's why so many of us pick up something while we are out. Its usually convenience food at high prices and not very healthy. All of these lunches can be made the night before or will take about 5 minutes to make in the morning.

Lunch one 

This is super easy you can make it the night before to save even more time. Its just a simple wrap of spinach, ham and mayo.  A yogurt and kiwi and for desert my cookie shots. These cookie shots are my favourite treat their only 18 calories each and taste exactly like chocolate chip cookies.

Lunch two

A simple pasta salad: pasta, pasta sauce I used the jar of sauce to save time, peppered turkey and spinach as the base of the salad. I put some strawberry's and a fibre one brownie for desert.

Lunch three

Super quick and simple, you can make this the night before to save time as well. A fruit salad, dairy lee dunkers (not so healthy) and a fibre one brownie.

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Things every student should know their first week

Your way around the building

Okay so it might take you a bit of time to find your way around campus the first week or two. But it's really something every new student should know because it wastes the most time. Luckily I have a few tips to help you along the way.

Most colleges will have an open day a few months before college starts for prospective students. This gives students a chance to ask some really important questions about their prospective courses and a lot of colleges also arrange tours of the campus.

Other colleges help by putting maps into the itinerary or welcome packs. If in doubt and it's probably the best tip, find someone who's in your class. These people will have the same class timetable and need to be in the same place as you, problem solved.

Know your lecturers

This is really important! This will be your first point of contact for any problems or queries you may have. First of all you should know each of your lecturers full names and emails. You can find these on your timetable or in your college directory. It's important to maintain a good relationship with your lecturers. Your lecturers can play a big part in you getting settled the first few weeks. Especially if your struggling. 

Know the facilities

Use the first few weeks to get acquainted with your college's facilities. Some college's provide extra facilities such as an on campus doctor. Other college's depending on the classes thought may provide facilities such as orthodontics and optometry. 

My college for example teaches optometry so students can avail of free eye tests or even get paid to get an eye test. This is a great way to earn some extra cash (so long as you don't mind being a guinea pig for an hour or two). Almost every college has the basic facilities such as a library (very important), student union and plenty of societies.

Know your timetable

I cannot stress how important this tip is ! Timetables are given out in welcome packs or can be downloaded online from your college website. Your timetable will tell you what class you have, at what time and who your lecturer is. Depending on your course not all classes start together, so make sure to check what weeks each class runs.

 Your timetable will also show you when you have free periods. An hour break should be used for lunch. Anything over an hour should generally be used for library time. You could use this time to catch up on assignments or study.

How to get an A+ in lab write ups.

Never done a lab write up before ? Or maybe you have but your not getting the results you want. This is what an A+ student puts into each lab write up.

First of all you need to state exactly what experiment you are doing and what you expect to happen ?

Label everything !!

  •                                                                          Date
  • Time
  • Exact procedure
  • Diagrams
  • Graphs

Know your exact measurements.

  • Know how to convert measurements. ( Eg kilograms to grams, cm to metres)
  • Know the accuracy of your measuring equipment.  (Eg +- 0.005cm for pippete.)
  • Weigh all samples in grams. 

What can affect your experiment ?

There are inside and outside factors which can contribute to the accuracy of your experiment.

  • Temperature and pressure are outside factors.
  • Chemical reactions occurring within a sample are inside factors.

Record everything !!!!

  • Colour changes.
  • Concentrations.
  • Dilutions.
  • Does it dissolve.

Finally what is the conclusion ?

What results did you get ? Did it work as you thought it would ? What can you derive from this ? 

Note: The most important thing to do is note if something went wrong and the conclusions this would have on the experiment.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Surviving your first day of college

So you've got your place in college now what ?

Its not like someone hands you a handbook for surviving college right. Some of us can be lucky enough to have friends or older siblings in college who can tell you what to expect but for the unlucky few this post is all about you.

For most of us the idea of going into college the first day can seem TERRIFYING but this is totally normal and we typically all have the same worries, will I find my class, will I make friends, what exactly is the first day of college all about. Well I'm gonna tell you exactly what happens your first day of college.

What is the first day for ?

First of all the first day of college is by far the easiest, (right now your thinking shes nuts right ?) but let me explain. The first day of college is what's known as induction day. Induction day is about introducing you to your lecturers showing you around campus, giving you your class schedules and all that jazz. Seem okay so far, that's because it is.

Will I make friends my first day ?

This is the big question everyone is thinking and its what makes the first day seem so scary. The short answer is no probably not, don't panic stay with me. The first day all anyone is thinking is someone please talk to me so I'm not left here by myself in the corner. Everyone is so desperate to make friends that they will instantly cling to the person sitting next to them. These are probably people you would never usually click with any other time and as the weeks go on you will realise this. Some of you may be really lucky and find your best friend instantly and that's perfect but don't worry if that doesn't happen for you. I will say however that you cannot make friends if your not trying so go against everything your head is telling you and just start talking to people, anyone who will listen basically.

Will I find my way to class ?

At this point you probably don't have your class schedule yet so all you have to do is find the main hall. You'll know your in the right place cause there will be a few hundred other students all wandering around in there too.

If you have no idea were you're going ask someone. Student ambassadors generally walk around in big colourful t-shirts so you can ask them to direct you. Don't be scared when you walk in at first there will be a heck load of people in there, just find yourself a seat.

After the president and some lecturers introduce themselves you will then be split up into your class groups and will follow some poor lecturer around for the rest of the day. This persons job is to show you to your classes, give you a tour of the building, give you safety talks, try get people talking to each other and give you your class schedules. And what do they get in return ? About 100 empty faces staring back at them afraid to be the first person to talk first. So be nice to your lecturers the first few days because they have a really hard time too.

Some quick tips to remember

  • If you have a class schedule, know where your class is.
  • Check the weather especially in Ireland it could be lovely when you leave the house and raining cats and dogs by lunch time and no one wants to look like a drowned rat there first day.
  • Alternatively bring a small umbrella with you at all times.
  • Bring a lock and key for your locker. All the good lockers get taken the first day so you need to be one of the first !!!
  • Eat a good breakfast !! I sound like my mother but honestly it could be hours before you get a time for lunch and no one wants there stomach growling in the middle of class the first day.
  • Refer to your lecturers as Dr or their last name, not by there first name and never  by teacher.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Why I chose a science degree.

"What is meant for you wont pass you by" wise words and the mantra that I live by.

Pretty much everyone I know who studies science have completely different reasons for doing so. Some like the idea of a practical experience that doesn't involve always working at a desk, some are in it for the money and some have known since they were five years old that that was their calling.

I didn't always feel that science was for me and when I did choose to go down that road it was far from easy ! Growing up all I wanted was to study law and be a police woman. Two very different ends of the spectrum. 

This was my plan right up until 6th year. I went to the higher options show in the RDS for those of you not from Ireland the higher options show is basically a gathering of all the main colleges in Ireland as well as the army and guards. They also have talks on for specific courses like science, law and business. 

I went into a law lecture and fell asleep in the first 10 minutes I realised then that their was no way I could sit through that for 4 years. I left the lecture early and went to find my friend who was in a science lecture in the next hall. I sat down and my interest was immediately peaked as was everyone else's in the room. 

The lecturer started by saying she studied chemistry and worked in the pharmaceutical sector for years then when she was at the top of her field she decided she wanted a change. She left a very well paid job to start from scratch as a computer scientist at a time when this was an area just starting up. Within a few years she was earning more money than she had been previously. She showed us how much money a scientist starts off at what the maximum amount you can get is and how many  jobs are available each year. Let me just say the results were staggering.  I left that hall knowing science was what I wanted to study.

Choosing to study science was the easy part. Finding which type of science was for me and getting their was the hard part. As soon as I decided on science as my perfered choice I knew I wanted to go to Dublin Institute of Technology. They had small class sizes and dedicate most of there curriculum to practical work. I knew a hands on approach was for me so DIT suited me perfectly.

I then had to decide what type of science to study. I only studied biology for my leaving cert no other science subject, but I knew chemistry interested me also. My choice was not made any easier by my school guidance counselor. Every week I went to her with a course in mind and each time she told me not to bother looking at colleges and university's because I could never get the points. She told me to stick to a FETAC college. 

I refused to believe I was incapable of getting what I wanted. I worked day and night 7 days a week but in the end it was worth it. When the results came out I got the points I knew I needed. I was then offered my place in DIT for Chemical Science and medicinal chemistry. This was a chemistry course at its core and since I had not studied chemistry before I deffered my place and entered a FETAC science course for one year. It was the best decision I ever made and I encourage everyone to do a  FETAC before jumping into a four year degree. I learned that I loved chemistry as well as getting a basis in lab techniques, communications and physics.

I then entered my degree in DIT. I'm in my second year now and love every minute of it. My advice for students wishing to pursue an education in science is to trust yourself you know what you are capable of no one else. The hours are long and sometimes the work is hard but every day there is something new to do.

I hope that this post will help other students who are interested in science.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

6 Best Tips for First Year Students

Lets be honest first year can seem like a really confusing time and it all goes so quickly. So having some tips can really make your life a lot easier. These are just  few tips I would have loved to have known before first year.

Financial help

I have a previous post all about saving money your first year in college. These include free microsoft office, saving money on books, financial aid etc. So if you are interested in savings which you should be, check out that post.

Go to class

I know it seems so obvious right, but its not ! First year attendance is the worst attendance of the whole four years. Its so easy when you get to college and skip a class or two or you skip that 9 am class, believe me we all do it at some point in the year.

This is really important because people who skip classes have a much higher risk of failing.

Don't Panic

Everyone has a bad day, that day when nothing goes right you feel like you're in over your head and your not sure if your cut out for it all.

What most people don't realise is that everyone and I mean everyone even that A+ student has these days.

Library Time

Those large breaks between classes are for library and study time not for a really long lunch !!
Plus if you use this time to study or finish up assignments its less to do when you get home.

Self Teaching

When you get to college you quickly realise you have to do at least 50% of the work. That means self teaching you could use books, Youtube videos or my favourite is to use sites like Chemwiki. Chemwiki is a website which explains chemistry topics in an easy and understandable way.

Free classes

Most colleges such as mine have extra classes to help students who may be struggling throughout the year. Depending on your degree there are different classes available.

My college is for science students so the classes on offer are maths, chemistry and academic writing. These classes are especially for first year students. If you had to pay for grinds it would cost 40 euro an hour and you get these classes for free !! So you should really make the most of them.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Back to school haul / organisation

Its that time of year again back to school and college. Some people hate going back others like me love the idea of new classes, new schedule maybe new school, but we all love BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING !!!!!!!

This post is kind of a fun one for me not so serious. I absolutely love stationary shopping. Having nice new stationary makes me feel confident and motivates me for getting back to college. This year two of my favourite things combined Primark or Penney's in Ireland and stationary.

They have two collections one with lots of colour's and prints in green black and white and my favourite rose gold and marble. I mean rose gold and marble its a match made in heaven. Bloggers all over Ireland are going crazy for this combo. And at prices starting from just 1.30 euro they are a bargain.This year I did already have some stationary I hadn't used last year and so I only bought half the collection but what I did buy I LOooooove. 

My planner

So this is my brain literally I couldn't remember anything without this ! My planner goes everywhere with me. There are tons of different planner types out there but this is my favourite. I love the 365 happy days planner by me and my big ideas ( I mean that names cute all by itself ).

It has a page at the front of each month to note important events and birthdays etc. Then a two page monthly calendar and finally it has each day of the month marked out in morning afternoon night.

Pencil case

I couldn't find a pencil case I liked this year, I wanted a gold one to fit with my other stationary. So instead I found this makeup brush holder in Penney's and am using this as a pencil case. I wont lie it doesn't hold a lot but its big enough for me. And at only 5 euro its a bargain. I will probably leave this in my locker and use it for labs because I will be using my organizer for a pencil case most of the time.

Ring binder

The next item is my ring binder this literally is everything to me. Carrying around folders and notebooks for every class will break your back ! It took me a long time to come up with an alternatively but now that I have I will never go back.

In this binder I have an A4 notepad I got this really cute one in TkMax, some post it notes and some polly pockets. I write my notes on the A4 pad and tear them off and put them in a polly pocket for each subject that day. When I get home i then put the notes into a separate folder for each subject.

Alternatively you could use these slimline folder pockets to put notes in instead of the big A4 folder. I just prefer to have the A4 and know I only have to pick up one thing. These folders were 4 euro for 9 folders in TkMax and the notebooks were 6 euro.

My organizer

This is amazing it keeps everything together in one place neatly so I will never forget anything. Inside I store my laptop, its and Asus T100 so super lightweght. An A4 refil pad, pencil's and pens,ruler, stapler and paper clips and of course sticky notes. I like these conversation bubble sticky notes. I got this on Amazon for 20 euro.

And of course my backpack and purse which I got to match. I bought these on my latest trip to turkey for 30 euro if you haven't been to turkey before I would definitely recommend it. The quality is remarkable it will definitely last me all year and its not too big and bulky.

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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Dress for success.

Dressing for an interview can seem terrifying if you have never done an interview before but if you find the right outfit it can give you a lot of confidence.

There are different ways to dress depending on the type of interview you are going to. There are different situations to dress for such as the formal work interview and the college interview.

Formal work interview.

This is when you are applying for a serious job. It could be your first job out of college or even a part time job. It's probably some where formal so you need to dress like such. It is not a fashion show so wearing what's in fashion at the moment should not be your main focus. A blazer is a key stapler for any interview but especially for this type of interview. Stick to basic colours black, navy, cream and white. You should look well presented, that means hair done and makeup if you like. Keep makeup and hair simple and natural. Never ever wear runners or jeans to an interview especially a formal interview.

Non formal job interview.

This could be for a camp leader role or a fashion role perhaps. In this case it is important to show your personality. In this type of job you are allowed and even encouraged to show your personality in your appearance. If you are applying for a job in a clothes shop etc it is important that you dress appropriately. You can be a bit braver with your makeup and hair but don't go over board. Again do not wear runners or jeans. Keep jewellery simple. A statement necklace is a great way to dress up an outfit.


The college interview.

This is really informal they just want to see what you are like as a person and how interested you are in the course. You can wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. In theory you can wear whatever you like but jeans and runners are a no go for any interview.

Happiness boutique - Statement

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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Get motivated to be healthy in college

  • 1 Find an exercise regime that works for you classes gym etc. I am the kind of person needs to be told what to do so I like going to Pilates classes. And I watch blogilates at home.

  • 2 Get rid of all bad food on Instagram follow people who have tips on being healthy,healthy food etc.

  • 3 Don't wait till your starving to eat. This will make you more likely to eat more and to choose unhealthy convenient food.

  • 4 You don't have to go cold turkey allow yourself one bad thing a day for the first  few weeks than every second day and gradually cut down to amount you are happy with. If you cut out all bad food straight away your body will crave it and you wont last very long.

  • 5 Cut out fizzy drinks. Trust me your skin will get better ad you will loose weight.

  • 6 Try eat more fruit and veg, 2 fruit and  3 veg a day. Don't eat more than 2 piece's of fruit a day as fruit is full of sugar. Make sure you get as many colour's on the plate as possible.

  • 7 Try to do 10 000 steps a day it sounds like a lot but I usually have 10 000 steps done before lunch in college.

  • 8  Another great tip I like to use is every day I exercise I put 1 euro in a savings box at the end of the month you will have a fair bit. You should then use this on fitness stuff new gym clothes or runners you've wanted. This then motivates you to keep it up.