Friday, 29 July 2016

Get organised for college.

Sometimes it can feel like you are drowning in college work, study and trying to have a life.
I know how stressful it can be trying to get your college life sorted, you only have three weeks until your exams and so much to study and do and you just cant get motivated to do any actual work right !

Well fear not I have some easy tips to help get you motivated to do all the work you have long been trying to avoid.

Get a diary/ journal

Get a diary and label exactly when your exams are, deadlines for assignments and projects etc. Trust me seeing it wrote down on paper will not only make sure you don't forget anything but will also help you visualize the amount of work to be done.

Study Plan

Once you have all your assignments and exams wrote down, you can then make a study plan. Refer to my earlier post labelled ' How to make a killer study plan ' . This should only be used for study not for assignments.


Do not leave everything until the last minute ! This will just create more stress and lead to sloppy work. Write down a day you plan to do this assignment you should pick a day you are not too busy and leave a few days in between in case something comes up. You should also list down any extra materials or notes you might need to get for the assignment.

If you want help writing an essay check out my earlier post ' how to write an A+ essay ' .

Organizing notes

Each subject should have its own folder for you to put your class notes in eg. Chemistry.

Chemistry is my core subject so I have two modules split between semester one and two. I like to keep my notes from both modules in the one folder but separated by a divider. I also put anything else relevant to that subject in the folder and divide them into sections, such as past exam papers, tutorial questions and answers.

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