Sunday, 31 July 2016

Duty free buys

Everyone who knows me knows that I love makeup and saving money, where do these two things combine DUTY FREE !!!

Yes this post is all about the two purchases I made in duty free on my latest trip to Turkey.  The first is Victoria secret fragrance mists and the second is Mac look in a box kit. Right from the start I loved both and had to restrain myself from buying more.

Victoria Secret fragrance mists.

First of all they smell amazing !! They are super sweet and perfect for summer. they are actually quite big bottles for the price so really good value. They are fragrance mists not perfume that's why they are cheaper but to be honest there isn't really any difference. perfumes tend to last longer but are around 50 euro to buy. I prefer to buy the fragrance mists and just apply it again later in the day.

McCabes chemistry started selling the mists and the lotions about two months ago for 11.95 each. They retail 3 for 30 euro in the duty free so that's a saving of almost 6 euro. Its not a lot if you just buy the three but I usually buy a few extra to keep for Christmas presents so that can add up.

Mac look in a box.

This is one of my favourite purchases in a long time. It is only available from Mac online stores or in duty free. It costs 60 euro but it is worth about 170 euro. So that's amazing savings. It includes 6 full size products, a lip gloss, lip liner, lipstick, two eyeshadows and a blush. it also includes a small blush brush.

All products swatch amazingly. Mac products are super long lasting and wont come off until you take them off. The lip gloss is very sticky tho so do not wear this on a windy day or you will be pulling your hair off your lips all day.

Left to right. Russian red lip gloss. Cherry lip liner.
Russian red lipstick in matte.

There are about four different boxes the one I got was all red products there is also a neutral box. I love all the colours in this box but I would not use all the products together. For an everyday look or if your not adventurous I would only do the lips. The eyeshadows are vividly bright colours so would suit a night time look better.

Top to bottom. Pepper and spice eyeshadow.
Got heart eyeshadow. Apple red blush.

This is the look I got using the Russian red lipstick which is matte and the cherry lip liner. I love this look a bold lip. You can wear a plain outfit an still look dressed up by using a big statement necklace or a bright coloured lip.

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