Monday, 20 June 2016

Why you should join a society ?

Making friends

It’s a fun way to make friends especially if you are a first year student.
Let’s be honest not making friends is everyone’s biggest fear. It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 32. Joining a society is the easiest way to make friends in college, and you get to meet people in other class groups and years.

Discount cards
Okay so let’s be honest a lot of us choose societies we join based on the discount cards they offer. These cards are valid even if you never attend any of the societies meetings. Discounts include various offers on student essentials such as food, alcohol, clothing, discounts into clubs. Each society offers something new.

There is something  for  everyone

There honestly is something for everyone. They include a variety of interests from athletics to fashion to your course choice such as the engineering or business society. And if you don’t find something to suit you why not create a society.

It looks great on the old Cv

Employers like people who are team players and involved in extracurricular activities. Also there are lots of great societies on offer to help you gain skills such as learning another language or choosing a group based on your course such as science, which can help you gain connections and extra knowledge.    

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