Sunday, 5 June 2016

Tips for choosing a college

Let’s be honest trying to pick the right college can seem like a nightmare. You already have study, homework and exams but hopefully these tips make the process easier.
The first thing you need to do is choose the right subject for you , it could be business, science or law whatever appeals to you. So once you choose the right subject for you, you then look at what college suits your needs.

Open days

Every college and university will have an open day. This is when the college opens up for one day to prospective students. The college sets up a booth for every course they offer run by present students and lecturers. This gives students an opportunity to ask questions and get a tour of the campus.


Every college has a prospectus book, this lists all the information you need to know about each course. The points needed, how many places are on offer, what modules are taught and more.
Most colleges teach the same course eg. Chemistry but the names and modules of the course differ slightly. So make sure to read each prospectus carefully. The prospectous will also tell you if your chosen course has an Erasmus or work placement involved.


Each college has its own area of expertise, if you are looking for a practical experience I suggest  an institute, such as Dublin Institute of Technology they prepare students for an active role in the work place.

Social networking

Most colleges will have a facebook or social network page run by students who can help you with questions you may have. Such as science at DIT

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