Friday, 24 June 2016

Things to do in Dublin city

A lot of the students in college in Dublin are either from the country or from abroad so I made a list of a few fun things to do in the first few weeks.

The zoo

What is better than looking at cute animals and their babies. Dublin zoo is iconic in Ireland. And since they actively participate in the European breading programme there are always some cute little babies to coo over. They also do student discounts.

Guinness store house / jameson/ teeling

This is in the top 3 best tourist attractions in EUROPE, yep that’s right Europe. So clearly its somewhere to visit when your in Dublin. But if you don’t like following main steam trends and crowds why not try the Teeling whiskey store house. Set up by two Irish brothers in 2015, they have some of the worlds best whiskey and you get to try some too. They also do student discounts.

Temple bar 

Its impossible not to visit temple bar when you come to Dublin for over 18’s you will have the best craic and they have the best Guinness pints in the world. If your under 18 there are food stalls,vintage shops,music and street art.

Kilmainham gaol

As seen in the movie Michael Collins. This tour is a true experience.

Visit one of the many vintage shops.

Dublin city is full of fantastic vintage shops. Try south William street for the best ones.

Do the 1916 tour

Visit all the main sites involved in the iconic 1916 rising and have some craic.

Visit Stepehens green

Situated in the heart of the city. Why not get an ice-cream while you walk along the lake.

Disclosure: credit to kilmnhaim gaol, 1916 tour bus, guiness store house and dublin zoo for the photos. I did not take any of the pictures so thank you to whoever did.

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