Sunday, 12 June 2016

How to take good notes

Making your own notes is the most important thing you can do in college. Even if your lecture hands out notes in class you should make your own version of the notes for yourself.
Here’s why making your own notes is so important, 1 writing down information is like reading  it 10 times and 2, you need to understand what your reading to know what is needed in your own notes.

A lot of lectures give more information than is needed on their notes this is to provide students with a background knowledge of the subject. Therefore when you make your own notes you will notice they are shorter.

Taking notes

Don’t put too much information on one page. Your brain can only focus on a certain amount of information at a time so less is more.
I recommend using a refill pad and that way you can place each lecture in a poly pocket of the folder so when you want to revise you can go lecture by lecture.

How my notes look

Use different colour pens, but don’t use more than three colours because your brain won’t be able to focus.

It can help to put definitions and other important information in bubbles or coloured boxes.

If it’s possible use diagrams or drawings your brain is more likely to remember a picture than a page of notes. I study science so for experiments I use detailed diagrams, my lecturers will accept this just as they would a page of notes.

Having mind maps can be a big help as well.

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