Thursday, 25 August 2016

Things every student should know their first week

Your way around the building

Okay so it might take you a bit of time to find your way around campus the first week or two. But it's really something every new student should know because it wastes the most time. Luckily I have a few tips to help you along the way.

Most colleges will have an open day a few months before college starts for prospective students. This gives students a chance to ask some really important questions about their prospective courses and a lot of colleges also arrange tours of the campus.

Other colleges help by putting maps into the itinerary or welcome packs. If in doubt and it's probably the best tip, find someone who's in your class. These people will have the same class timetable and need to be in the same place as you, problem solved.

Know your lecturers

This is really important! This will be your first point of contact for any problems or queries you may have. First of all you should know each of your lecturers full names and emails. You can find these on your timetable or in your college directory. It's important to maintain a good relationship with your lecturers. Your lecturers can play a big part in you getting settled the first few weeks. Especially if your struggling. 

Know the facilities

Use the first few weeks to get acquainted with your college's facilities. Some college's provide extra facilities such as an on campus doctor. Other college's depending on the classes thought may provide facilities such as orthodontics and optometry. 

My college for example teaches optometry so students can avail of free eye tests or even get paid to get an eye test. This is a great way to earn some extra cash (so long as you don't mind being a guinea pig for an hour or two). Almost every college has the basic facilities such as a library (very important), student union and plenty of societies.

Know your timetable

I cannot stress how important this tip is ! Timetables are given out in welcome packs or can be downloaded online from your college website. Your timetable will tell you what class you have, at what time and who your lecturer is. Depending on your course not all classes start together, so make sure to check what weeks each class runs.

 Your timetable will also show you when you have free periods. An hour break should be used for lunch. Anything over an hour should generally be used for library time. You could use this time to catch up on assignments or study.

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